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Police UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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914 Rotax Manned/Unmanned
Alliance HD Electric Heli UAV Drone
Alliance Gas Heli UAV Drone
Avenger Electric Heli UAV Drone
RDASS 1000 Quad-Rotor UAV
Delta-FW70 Fixed Wing UAV
AG UAV Crop Sprayers


Section 333 Exemption
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Police UAV Drone Spyder Package


DJI Phantom Police Fire Rescue UAV
Specifically Design for Police & Fire Rescue

HSE-Delta-FW70 Fixed Wing

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Remembering All Of Law Enforcement's Heroes

UAV Helicopter Drones In The News

COURT APPROVES USE OF UAVS - a North Dakota court has approved the use of UAV drones to help arrest citizens on US soil.

CONGRESSIONAL DRONES - The proposed UAV Drone Aircraft Privacy and Transparency Act of 2012 requires that police obtain warrants to use drones for certain types of surveillance.

UAV FAA REGULATIONS For more than five decades, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has compiled a proven track record of introducing new technology and aircraft safely into the National Airspace System (NAS).

FAA Fact Sheet – Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - For Immediate Release.

FAA Certificate of Authorization or Waiver (COA) - Before you can operate a UAV in National Airspace System (NAS) you must have a COA. The average time to issue an authorization for non-emergency operations is less than 60 days, 

INT'L ASSC. OF CHIEFS OF POLICE - AVIATION COMMITTEE Recommended Guidelines for the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).


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GoPro Cameras & Lens

Police/Fire – Infrared

• On the Move: Night or Day – Search, Rescue, and Special Operations

• Range: ability take video/photos from 2 – 500 ft as normal

• Equipment: FLIR Indigo, Tau and 320/640 options

• Zoom: 10 - 55 MM zoom options

(Mt Hood Wildfire : FLIR 320 ) (Daylight: 2 People FLIR 320 )

Police Military UAV Helicopter Infrared

Police UAV Helicopter Infrared Camera

Helicopter Camera Options

The HSE UAV platforms have a wide capability for different platforms and wireless video. The options include HD video, DSLR photos, Infrared and multi-spectral cameras. also, the platforms can integrate with autopilots for target tracking and more complex remote features.


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Police UAV Drones by Homeland Surveillance Electronics

UAV Police Fire/Rescue First Responder UAV Helicopter Drones
by Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC

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